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Hello and Welcome. Our aim here is to provide you best accurate information on resveratrol, it’s benefits and how  antioxidants and other phytonutrients containing foods and diet can improve the quality of your life. We also have some very useful information on antioxidants, anti aging, superfoods and resveratrol diet plan here on this site.

Steps you have to take

1). Understand the resveratrol scam. Realize how companies are marketing worthless products containing lots of filler and actually very low amount of resveratrol.

2). Understand how to really chose a resveratrol supplement product. Read reviews of only the best products out there. Find out which of them are worth your money.

We recommend Perfect Resgrape and Acai Berry Select.

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Together these two supplements Perfect Resgrape and Acai Berry Select will work in a synergistic fashion for your health benefits and will help you lose weight by increasing metabolism and fat oxidation and also help increase energy and fight fatigue so you have more energy for exercise and burning off calories. Great for your weight loss and anti-aging efforts.

3). Understand that antioxidants polyphenols like resveratrol, catechins etc. provide the best benefits when taken together and work synergetically. So, it’s a good idea to take products like green tea extract, acai berry along with resveratrol.

We recommend Acai Berry Select because it contains Green Tea extract(225 mg), Acai Berry Extract (50 mg), Chromium (75 mcg), and L-theanine (8 mg). And Perfect Resgrape contains 200 mg of 99% Pure Trans-Resveratrol and 1000 mg of Whole-Food Muscadine Grapes. Both are absolutely genuine products with no fillers.

Read more about these products here.

4). If you are one of those who believe in having a well balanced diet full of antioxidants is the way to go, we have some really good informative articles for you. Read what the resveratrol diet is and how to maximize the intake of antioxidants and anti-aging superfoods and know the benefits of superfoods like green tea, goji berry, yogurt, dark chocolate, apple, coconut oil, grape juice, green foods, tomatoes, oranges, blueberries, and so on. Also know what benefits do supplements like acetyl l carnitine, alpha lipoic acid, coq10, tongkat ali, caralluma fimbriata etc.

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About Resveratrol – Information and benefits

theories of aging

Evolutionary theories of aging and longevity?

Aging is a complex process that researchers are only now beginning to understand. There are many theories of aging.

Free radicals

Free Radicals and Antioxidants in Human Health?

Free radicals effectively accelerate
the normal ageing process.

Longevity Genes

How to activate longevity genes by resveratrol?
Dr. Sinclair had given a lecture on the subject of How to Activate Longevity Genes to Increase Strength and Endurance.


Resveratrol and enhanced endurance?

It Almost Doubles Physical Endurance! It prevents obesity and drastically increases physical activities.


Fighting cancer?

It works through more than a dozen different anti-cancer mechanisms.


For stroke protection?

Study Shows, it is resveratrol Filled with plentiful polyphenols, that stands in the spotlight to Lower
The Chance of Stroke

Resveratrol and Weight

Resveratrol and Weight Loss – Is There Any Truth to It?

New research indicates that this compound has potent weight loss characteristics.

Resveratrol and Quercetin

Benefits of Resveratrol and Quercetin for diabetes?

Both of them are effective for inflammation with diabetes and obesity.

heart health

For heart health benefits?

These two combined have shown powerful benefits to provide health benefits for the heart and in preventing cancer.

Incorporating polyphenols, resveratrol, superfoods and anti-oxidants in your diet and lifestyle.

Super fruits

What are Super fruits?
Superfruits are fruits that are high in antioxidants and rich in nutrients. What is so Super about Superfruits?

How To Define Polyphenols?

What are they? Phytochemicals and polyphenol antioxidants

Best Super Foods

The Fourteen Super Nutrients For Healthy Living

Here is a list of the top fourteen Super Nutrients along with the foods that offer the richest sources of the “super fourteen.” Check it out.

Resveratrol diet

Resveratrol-diet for weight-loss?

With this Diet, the essential components for a healthy lifestyle can be modified for different energy needs.

Green Tea

Why Drink Green Tea?

Health benefits provided by catechins found in green tea.

metabolism boosters

Anti aging and longevity by drinking Grape Juice?
The most obvious way grape juice helps fatigue is by replenishing your body’s iron supply.

List of SuperFoods

Grape Juice

Grape juice for anti aging and longevity?
Scientists found that the polyphenol was as high and at times higher in grape juice.

Dark Chocolate

Why to eat dark chocolate for health benefits?
What possible connection could dark chocolate have with phytonutrients, red wine, and green tea?


An Apple a Day Does Keep the Doctor Away!
Apples are high in procyanidin content and contain a unique polyphenol, phloridzin.


Why tomatoes as anti aging foods and-flavonoids?

The tomato is truly amazing, every day more is proven about the health benefits of the tomato.


What are the health benefits of oranges?

The blend of the elevated quantity of anti-oxidant (vitamin C) and flavonoids in oranges makes it one of the best fruits in serving to promote health.


How do blueberries benefit our health?

Blueberries have been found to prevent and shrink cancer tumors, reverse memory loss.

Resveratrol supplements scams

Let me tell you right now that 70% of the companies out there selling their latest miracle resveratrol supplements are frauds and employ shady marketing practices.

The product is every where these days ; magazines, websites and even TV personalities are hyping it. But, there are lots of companies now who market products which comprise of fillers and actually very less amount of the actual genuine supplement. While some of them don’t work outright, some do have a mild energy producing effect (you’ll feel a little more active and have sound sleep) but even then they are not worth what you pay for them. It’s also important to understand that losing weight on these products (as claimed) is usually tougher if you are overweight although this supplement does increase metabolism causing one to lose weight to some extent.

Supplements companies’ insiders information.

Useless ingredients - Many of the hyped ingredients found in most of these products are of poor quality so they are of little benefit. Such companies have poor manufacturing departments and either can’t maintain the quality or have poor raw materials to start with. Some of them generally focus on either beauty or weight loss, and some other companies pack their capsules with inert fillers such as silica, cellulose and rice powder to ‘bulk up’ the mere 15mg to 100mg of the compound they supply. Similar to the Green tea and acai scams, the resveratrol market is full of many fly-by-night companies who just don’t have quality products. I had tried hard finding for a more concentrated content in a product that can give more energy and help to lose weight. But most companies just don’t have experience, technical staff, quality control processes, pharmaceutical processing facilities and expertise to produce quality supplements and products.

The problem is not with the antioxidant compound ie. resveratrol but with many of the products that claim to contain it. A great number of these companies’ products do not actually have a large amount of the compound or use inferior ingredients. A big percentage in these products is just “fillers”. If you use poor quality products, you won’t be able to get the full benefit. You might not get any benefit at all.

-Irresponsible staff - Some companies are just under-basement companies operating from residential homes or garages without proper staff. Most of anti aging supplements companies usually have refund policy but majority of those companies either do not appoint a staff to take care of refunds or consumer complaints.

-Companies that act as distributors - While we were under impressions that some products were made in the US, we found that some were indeed made in some Asian countries and the parent company had its origin there. These companies used to import stuff, re-package it and market in the US at over-inflated prices. Besides there are some that go by very popular names (among others that you will see) ResVi super pure, Res V XP etc. They’ve illegally attached celebrity names and do this with impunity because their company sites are hosted overseas and are almost impossible to shut down.

Note: Even if a celeb does endorse a product, they rarely actually use it. They’re just getting paid.

- Unethical marketing - There are companies selling supplements that are using deceptive and highly unethical marketing practices. Some scam artists have even created fake review websites for promoting their own companies.

What products you can trust?

In our review and deep analysis of all these products, we were able to find few companies that actually had good products. Read our post on how to chose a good product and find out which companies we recommend and why?

Their manufacturing department is impressive and the quality of ingredients used are good. And they can help you in -

Weight Loss
Increased energy
Younger looking skin
Sound sleep

Here are the companies We recommend -

Perfect Resgrape and Acai Berry Select

Other Information

Similar to other known antioxidants, resveratrol can be considered to be one of the most potent one. It is commonly found in some plants, red wine, cranberries, blueberries, mulberries, raspberries, and red grapes.

It is normally labeled as “phytoalexin” due to the ability of plants to manufacture this particular antibiotic agent to fight fungi and bacteria brought about by extreme weather conditions and environmental stress.

Other sources of this compound include knotweed, some pine trees, and peanuts. It has minimum side effects, supports longer life, and has various health benefits.

From the time 60 Minutes featured the two scientists who were responsible for the discovery of this compound, a lot of people became interested to buy this supplement. These scientists were able to separate the active ingredient in red wine responsible for the promotion of different health benefits which they labeled as resveratrol.

Hence, various respected news organizations even included in their topic the health benefits of this supplement. As a consequence of these findings, a foremost U.S. pharmaceutical company signified its intention to buy the company of the discoverers.

This compound became an instant sensation and if the scientists are to be proven right, this is a major breakthrough. A lot of people who have long wanted the elixir of life to look and feel young again feel they have found it in resveratrol. The only problem is, they could no longer find their way to the gym for some reasons. This most talked about supplement and its anti-aging component could perhaps provide the cure to the ailments related to old age.

There are plenty of reported health benefits that can be derived from it such as weight loss, enhanced physical stamina, increased metabolism, improving cholesterol levels, and even cancer cure.

Health Benefits of Resveratrol

Here are the positive results that you can experience:

- No medical or chemical hangover being all natural
- Healthier and longer life
- Stronger and younger feeling due to the presence of antioxidants
- Weight loss by preventing and treating obesity
- Loss of fat
- Lean muscle buildup
- Enhanced metabolism
- Lower blood glucose and improved insulin sensitivity which helps prevent and treat diabetes
- Reduced blood clots
- Better immune system because of the ability of the immune system to eliminate the disease
- Free from discomfort and pain brought by arthritis

- Prevention of the following:

- Alzheimer’s disease
- Cellular damage due to free radicals
- Retinopathy which may lead to kidney failure and blindness
- Kidney disease
- Stroke, heart disease, and heart attack
- Inflammation as well as control
- Growth and expansion of cancer cells

Scientific reviews reveal that resveratrol is:

1) Ideal in the promotion of better health.

2) The presence of its natural compound can lead us to healthier and longer lives.

3) Its ability to initiate fat loss and enhancing the immune system is beyond compare.

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