Benefits of Resveratrol

by on July 17, 2009

The benefits of resveratrol supplements, found primarily in red wine and other natural products like nuts, grapes, Japanese Knotweed , are still being diagnosed, even though thousands of laboratory studies have been completed. Found in a number of other food plants with an ability to modulate multiple cellular targets that suggests suitability for the prevention and treatment of a range of diseases, Reseveratrol is though of as an effective anti aging phenomenon.

Resveratrol products such as pills are becoming popular as a health supplement. Experts recommend it to tbe taken as daily multi nutrient formulas. As with most natural supplements, results and people’s opinions over resveratrol vary, but so far, one thing can be said for sure – no side effects and that is true.

First found in 1963 as the effective ingredient in the Asian Folk medicine called ko-jo-kon in Japanese or polygonum capsidatum in Latin, resveratrol was later found in grapevines and finally, in 1992, in red wine. Can you get the health benefits of resveratrol supplements without drinking wine, simply by eating grapes or drinking grape juice? Resveratrol seems to be a good deal – and  one that can breakthrough for anyone who wants to look and feel younger and break out of his age.

Naturally produced by grapes to fight disease, resveratrol has been identified as the active ingredient in many folk medicines. Japanese research proves that it lowers cholesterol levels in rats, but various studies on the effects and benefits of resveratrol in humans have not been  out. And like white wine, white grape juice contains little resveratrol, largely due to differences in processing.

The reason that health experts’ ‘opinions about resveratrol and the like antioxidants vary is that research results differ. Many researchers into supplement thing are not sure if the antioxidants found in plants provide the same protection and benefits to humans that they do to the plants. Many positive opinions about resveratrol have been reported in major publications. There have been positive reports in the Oxford Journal and the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

This opinion is becoming increasingly less popular, as research studies conclude again and again that those people who follow a diet rich in a variety of multi colored fruits and vegetables have less heart disease, cancer and other chronic diseases. Calorie restriction and resveratrol produced similar genetic effects in the heart, skeletal muscle, and brain.

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